A GUI for Vertica: DbVisualizer

vsql is very porwerful, but it is always nice to have a nice GUI tool with your database. As Vertica can be accessed via ODBC, most tools can at least provide some kind of GUI on top of Vertica.

DbVisualizer (“dbvis”) goes one step further. They teamed up with HP to make dbvis aware of Vertica specifities as projections, sessions, load streams and more. You can find the list of Vertica features supported by dbvis on their website. Note that some of them are only available for the Pro version, unfortunately (note the little in the link above) but a lot of goodness is available in the free version.

A few screenshots below will show some nice Vertica-specific options.

Creating a table, with column encoding

Table with projections


DBA views (notice sessions, locks, tuple mover…)



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