eg: examples for common command line tools

Are you tired to RTFM? Does this xkcd comic feel familiar to you?


Enter eg, which provides easy examples to common command line tools. Instead of having to find your way in the full manual of tar, you can just type:

eg tar

And you will have common usages, nicely formatted and even colored. For the example of tar, you will have examples of basic usage, tarring, untarring and more:


Of course, if you then want more information, TFM is the place to go.

eg is dead easy to install. You have to options:

pip install eg
# or
git clone .
ln -s /absolute/path/to/eg-repo/ /usr/local/bin/eg

Et voila, you can start using eg.

Eg itself can be easily extended, as the example are just markdown files put in the right place. You can find all the documentation including formatting options and more in the eg repository.

Last but not least, the author suggests to alias eg to woman for something that is like man but a little more practical:

alias woman=eg

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